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Asesorias y Consultorias Integrales ASCIS

About us

Asesorías y Consultorias Integrales ASCIS is an integral consultancy firm, we started work in June 2005 and we have an interdisciplinary team of accountants, lawyers, administrators and engineers.
We specialize in providing advice to our national and international clients, in order to create and take advantage of opportunities for improvement, mitigate risks and support decision making.


Because since our establishment we have shown reliability, compliance and quality in the provision of our services.

Business values

1. Commitment to the development and personal and professional growth of our employees.
2. Professionalism and excellence of human resources.
3. High commitment and respect with our customers.
4. Culture of high technical standards in the development of our work.
5. Efficiency in the provision of our services in order to meet the requirements and needs of our customers, tending to generate value.
6. Efficiency and transparency in our management.
7. Commitment to continuous improvement.
8. Local root and global vision